GEC dedicates itself to serving those that guard our nation’s most valuable resource, our safe drinking water. Through our consulting services, we train individuals an efficient way to manage the information surrounding safe drinking water. We also focus on teaching our clients how to manage their business processes accurately. Our goal is to provide reliable, straightforward software solutions that are manageable and productive.

Software Training

GEC professionals provide one-on-one training and continued support with the software applications. Experts ensure each feature is completed before moving on to the next step, and implementation of new releases are done in small incremental steps. With active user involvement, GEC professionals are able to oversee the software applications and make certain the software is used to its fullest potential.

SDWA Rule Management

Keeping in compliance with SDWA rules and regulations, GEC trained professionals will:
• Select a software solution based on stakeholder’s individual business needs
• Recommend the data to collect, as well as frequency in which to collect
• Ensure the most effective reports are being generated to keep in compliance with SDWA

Process Management Coaching

Guided by the Agile/Scrum Methodology, GEC uses an interactive, incremental method of managing the design and implementation of software applications. GEC takes pride in being highly flexible and interactive with the client stakeholder during all phases of implementation. Our trained professionals provide continuing support throughout the management of the software, directly resulting in increasing productivity for the business.

SDWIS Service Support

Our hallmark service is our expert team of SDWIS domain experts.

Interfacing Applications

Since GEC was established in 1999, one of our central focuses has been to develop excellent software that interfaces with the SDWIS/State data system. In the last few years, GEC has began to look forward as the EPA is modernizing and creating SDWIS Prime. Our applications have already began the process of transitioning by integrating with GEC’s web service ReST API modeled after the prototype service developed by EPA and its contractors. In addition to moving our applications forward, we are ready and capable of transitioning your applications as well. Contact Us for more details.