About GEC

Global Environmental Consulting provides state and local government agencies with the knowledge and compliance solutions needed to satisfy EPA’s drinking water quality requirements. GEC is a 17 year old family run company headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. GEC has the privilege of working with 24 states and serving over 50 million public water customers across the United States. Collaboration and cooperation are the driving forces behind our business.

  • Provides technical assistance including:
    • Drinking Water Program Implementation Planning
    • Legacy Database Migration to SDWIS/State
    • Database Administration
    • Compliance and Enforcement Program Implementation
    • Federal Reporting assistance
    • Creates customized training for SDWA primacy agencies
  • Assists in the installation of SDWIS applications and administering servers and databases for both development and production environments.
  • Provider of interfacing applications that address drinking water program areas that are not included with the core SDWIS/State application
  • Creator of most widely utilized product for conducting electronic site visits, SWIFTsurveys, which collects the details of an electronic site visit using mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Specialists in EPA’s Compliance Monitoring Data Portal and SDWIS Prime Transition
Over 50 Million Drinking Safe Water
25 States We have helped improve