About Global Environmental Consulting (GEC)
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We have had the privilege of working with over 24 states and serving over 50 million public water customers across the United States. We’d love to help you too. At Global Environmental Consulting, we’re dedicated to serving the state, regional and federal agencies who guard our nation’s most valuable resource - our safe drinking water.

  • Train our clients how to efficiently manage safe drinking water information
  • Teach our clients how to manage their business processes accurately
  • Benefit from reliable solutions that are easy to manage and yield results
SDWIS Prime Ready!

GEC is ready for Prime. All of our applications will transition to SDWIS Prime as soon as interfacing application compatibility becomes available, with little effort on your end. We understand that the transition process is intimidating for a lot of agencies, and GEC is more than ready for that challenge.
Let us take care of that.

GEC Highlights

We offer the following array of services, coupled with our software solutions, to equip you to excel.

  • Retrieves data from databases and places it into a data array, which is stored in the cloud
  • Whether you’re transitioning to SDWIS from a non-SDWIS agency or transitioning from SDWIS to SDWIS Prime, we’ve got you covered
  • Our Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP) team is knowledgeable and highly trained, ready to lead you, teach you and support you through the CMDP implementation process - and beyond
Software Solutions
  • The Safe Water Information Management Reporting (SWIMR) application helps state agencies streamline and improve the speed and accuracy of data used within your agency and is accompanied by SWIMR Buddy, which assists in ad hoc reporting
  • Safe Water Information Field Tool (SWIFT Surveys) helps state agencies transform how they conduct electronic site visits to assess and monitor the condition of public drinking water facilities
  • Enforcement Tracker (ET) helps state agencies manage their projects, supports their enforcement strategies and inspires collaboration among all parties who are working to return water systems to compliance
  • Safe Water Operator Certification System (SWOCS) governs drinking water, wastewater and well driller operator certifications
  • Safe Water Engineering Project Tracking (SWEPT) administers and manages public drinking water engineering projects
  • Safe Water Consumer Confidence Reports (SWCCR) generates customized consumer confidence reports for public water systems
Custom Software Development
  • Our software development team has the expertise to identify the best software tools and techniques to convert your ideas and legacy software applications into highly performing and easy to use custom software applications
What's next

We invite you to engage in a demo of our software or speak with one of our team members about your consulting or custom software needs. We also strongly encourage you to reach out to speak with some of our current customers, as the relationships we build with our customers is what sets us apart from other providers. Whatever the reason, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you.